How to Write a Short Film Screenplay

How to Write a Short Film Screenplay


Lot’s of people write and make shorts as a gateway into the industry. It is a great way to get noticed these days, especially with websites like YouTube. Some people have even made careers out of writing and making shorts. The writing process differs to a feature film or television show as you only have 2-5 minutes usually. In this article I’ll be telling you how to get started so you can write your own short film screenplay

Story And Plot Lines

Unlike in feature films where the character is the main focus in shorts you don’t have the time to introduce and understand a character. Usually a short film screenplay consists more of action text than dialogue. The stories usually have a running theme and meaning that can be expressed in abstract and surreal ways. Very often the whole short story is a metaphor for something deeper.

Short Film Structure

Structuring a short is very similar to a feature film. You have a beginning, middle and end just like any other story. The only difference is that you have less time. Usually the screenplay should have a turn of events after the first page and the then the conclusion on the last page with the main story in between.

Getting A Short Made

There are so many ways to get your film made. Most universities have film studies courses that are full of enthusiastic students that would be willing to put in their time for free. Otherwise you could do it all yourself and just find actors.

Writing shorts is a good way to market yourself and build up your CV. When you write short films and get them on the festival circuit word will quickly get around and agents and producers will come to you. Write as many films as you can, get as many made as you can and then start working on a full length feature.